Matt Bomer's family is expanding with a new puppy

By Alexia Fernandez
October 25, 2017 12:35 AM
Matt Bomer/Instagram

Matt Bomer‘s family just keeps growing – and adorably so.

The former White Collar actor, 40, shared a sweet Instagram snap Tuesday of a birthday present he received earlier this month from his husband, Simon Halls, and three sons.

“For my birthday, Simon and the boys got me this little bundle of joy. You know, because three children, another dog, and a cat wasn’t enough. 😀I’m already in love. Hello Stella, and hello sleepless nights. 💩😭🐶🌟✨💝♌️#puppiesofinstagram #zuchon #stella#love.”

The actor married his husband in 2011. Together they share three sons: 12-year-old Kit, and 9-year-old twins Henry and Walker.

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Bomer opened up to PEOPLE about his kids’ fashion sense, which they have without much guidance from their parents.

“They do their own thing, really,” he said. “We provide them with clothing, and they mix it up the way they like it.”

“They always surprise us,” he added. “Little hints of style, like the way they roll up their sleeves, or roll up their short-sleeved button down shirts, or how they roll their pants or wear their pants. It’s very uniquely California, I have to say.”