Mastiff Named Floyd Has to be Rescued After the 190 Lb. Dog Gets Too Tired While on a Hike

Several hikers called police to report that the dog and his owner were on the trail and were not able to move, Salt Lake County Search and Rescue shared

mastiff rescue
Photo: Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue

A 190 lb. mastiff named Floyd had to be rescued from a hiking trail in Utah after being too exhausted to walk.

On Sunday, Floyd was walking with his owner up the Grandeur Peak trail near Salt Lake City when the dog became fatigued.

At around 6:30 p.m. police received a number of calls from concerned hikers, explaining that the dog and his owner were stuck, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue revealed in a statement on Facebook.

Members of the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue team, an all-volunteer group, promptly arrived on the scene and headed up the trail in hopes of getting to Floyd and his owner before “it got too cold.”

Rescuers were able to retrieve Floyd, get him in a litter and carried him down the mountain, according to the statement.

“Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted,” officials with the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue team wrote on Facebook.

Floyd, his human and all of the rescue team members got off the mountain around 10:30 p.m.

Salt Lake County Search and Rescue shared photos of the mission, which show Floyd being brought to safety.

In one shot the pooch could be seen lying atop the rescue basket on his belly, with his tongue poking out.

In another photo Floyd was captured with his head down, presumably in exhaustion, as he’s surrounded by the rescue team.

The Search and Rescue team also shared a video of Floyd being carried across a bridge. He looked as calm as ever, peeking behind him only every now and then.

While the identity of Floyd’s owner has not been confirmed by police to the public, a woman named Amy Sandoval came forward, claiming to be Floyd’s owner’s sister.

“This pup is my nephew! I was up on the trail with him and my brother. Some of us eventually had to head down the trail as we had young kids with us. I am SO relieved this turned out and my brother and Floyd got off the mountain. Thank you search and rescue volunteers!!” Sandoval commented on the Facebook post about the rescue mission.

“My brother never left his side,” Floyd said, adding that Kenney would have slept on the trail with Floyd if he had to.

“He was going to sleep with him overnight. Thank you to all the people who called the police and search team.”

Sandoval shared that while on the trail with her brother and Floyd they “took a wrong turn on the descent and ended up on a very tricky slope.”

“We had a 10 year old with us and it was so hard getting everyone back up to the trail. Poor dog just couldn’t take anymore after that.”

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