By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 18, 2016 03:49 PM
Credit: Courtesy Sanctuary Marine Bermuda

That’s a whole lotta lobster!

A charter boat company in Bermuda caught a whopper of a lob-stah — weighing a massive 14 lbs. — the night after Hurricane Nicole moved through the area.

The company told PEOPLE in an email that it was caught accidentally while hook and line fishing at night for snapper from shore. The hook was removed from the massive crustacean, pics were taken, and then it was released, Sanctuary Marine Bermuda said.

Video of the creature posted on Facebook looks like something out of a horror flick (and the reggae music playing in the background did little to calm our fears). Watch as the lobster — with too many legs to count — is carefully weighed, clocking in at 13.98 lbs.

Sanctuary marine boat captains Tristan Loescher and captain Matthew Jones made the catch after spending the day clearing up hurricane debris.

“Tristan had to swim out and untangle it from mooring lines it had crawled around, then bring it in to shore to remove the hook from its toe, get some pictures and let it go,” Jones told PEOPLE. “It was good [Tristan] was wearing a GoPro when he swam out thinking to find a snapper on the end of the line only to find this massive lobster.”

Loescher lamented on Facebook that he wished he’d made the lobster’s acquaintance just a little later.

“14 lb! Big bug!” he wrote on Facebook. “Kinda wish I caught it a day later, in the lobster tournament.”