The roaming bear drank from the sleeping man's pool before sniffing and nudging his feet

By Benjamin VanHoose
September 21, 2020 01:15 PM

This curious bear wants in on the poolside relaxation!

On Saturday, Sept. 12, Matt Bete got a memorable shock when he woke up to a wandering wild bear nudging his foot while lounging at a pool in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The close-call encounter was captured on surveillance footage, and shared by Dawn Bete on Facebook the next day.

"Matt was a little startled yesterday while taking a rest by the pool," wrote Dawn.

In the clip, as Matt remained asleep and soaking up the sun, the bear snooped around the backyard, taking a few sips from the in-ground pool.

The animal then investigated the area further, leading him to Matt. Sniffing the human's shoe, the bear soon decided to nudge the man's right foot, waking him up. As Matt sat up in shock, the bear quickly bolted away, just as spooked as Matt.

Matt reached for his phone and began recording the animal as it ran out of the backyard.

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The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife offers guidelines on how to respond if you spot a roaming black bear on your property.

"If you see a black bear in your yard, enjoy the sighting, but be sure that you are not doing anything to attract the bear to your yard," reads the website's Frequently Asked Questions page. "Make noise by banging pots and pans, shouting or using an air horn to try to scare the bear off."

"Once the bear has left the area, take a close look at your yard for potential bear food sources such as bird feeders, pet food, dirty barbecue grills, open compost, or trash and remove those food sources immediately."

"Bears have incredible long-term memory will revisit places where they have found food, even months or years later," the experts added. "Bears that are frequently fed, either directly or indirectly through bird feeders or garbage, may completely lose their fear of people. If a bear then behaves in a way that is a threat to public safety it may be euthanized."