Ruby the cat donned a dress — and a loving gaze! – for a snap with owner Sam Steingard

May 17, 2016 08:02 PM

She’s the purr-fect date!

A photo of Ruby the cat donning a prom dress has an aww-mazing caption that’s sent Imgur abuzz: “My brother took our cat to prom.”

“He couldn’t find a date,” reads the second half of the caption of the photo featuring Sam Steingard of Germantown, Maryland, in a dapper suit.

According to, Steingard didn’t actually take the pretty kitty to the dance, for fear she’d get hurt or lost — instead, the family marked the day by posing for photos taken by his father, Bryan Steingard, a photographer.

More than 150,000 people have viewed the un-fur-gettable piece of photography — and if you’re ready for more Ruby, never fear, there’s lots more on Facebook and Instagram.

Sam Steingard’s Facebook page is filled with photos of the adorable feline, who, in addition to being a great prom date, appears to assist with text messages and cooperate with selfies.

There’s also evidence, however, that the cat is living a nightmare. On her very own Instagram page, she writes, “I hate my family #meow,” with a photo of her dressed in a santa hat and matching socks.



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