Along with caring for her own pets, Martha Stewart designs products for all the other animals out there

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Cats, dogs, horses, peacocks, ducks, geese, chickens, canaries; Martha Stewart is Mom to them all.

The self-proclaimed lifelong animal lover lives with her bevy of pets on a farm, where the animals are treated to wide open spaces and plenty of exercise.

Being one of Stewart’s fluffy or feathered friends means a spoiled life full of vacations, TV show appearances, gifts and plenty of love.

Though there is one thing Stewart won’t do for her animals.

“I do not bake for my pets. I have made them cookies and crackers, but not on a regular basis,” Stewart, proud mom to several champion show dogs, tells PeopleTV. “But I do make their food, all their food.”

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Along with cooking their meals, Stewart also designs products for her furry friends. She has a pet product line, with products ranging from grooming supplies to outerwear, available at her own Amazon shop and on

“What I design for animals, is what I think they would like to wear, what they would like to sleep in, what they would like to eat from. I think about the animal first,” she says.

Stewart’s pets repay all this kindness and care by staying on their best behavior … most of the time.

“I really, really adore my animals. I never get mad at my animals. There’s just not anything to get made at,” Stewart adds, joking, “Even if they eat my shoe, It’s my fault.”