December 04, 2012 07:00 PM

Lucky is the homeless dog that crosses Maria Menounos’s path.

The Dancing with the Stars alum rescued six dogs just before Thanksgiving – and she’s permanently added three of them to her brood of five!

The massive doggy rescue happened last month when Menounos and her boyfriend found three dogs abandoned by the side of a road. They took the pups to a nearby animal shelter hoping they could locate the dog’s owners, but instead, they left the shelter with three more poodles and were charged with finding homes for all six.

But those puppy dog eyes were too hard to resist and Menounos decided to keep three of the dogs – Lhasa apso mixes Beamer and Boomer, and poodle Whinnie (pictured). She found loving homes for the remaining three pups, a rep tells PEOPLE.

On Dec. 2, Menounos shared a photo of herself cuddling Whinnie in front of her Christmas tree just like an early Christmas present.

“My latest rescue Whinnie she hugs me like a baby,” she wrote.

Three more furry charges means the Extra host is mom to a total of eight rescue dogs now. Five of the canines live at Menounos’s L.A. home, while three others reside at the studio where she films podcasts for her online media network AfterBuzzTV.

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