The Access Hollywood host on raising a furry family of four

By Michelle Ward
Updated June 24, 2010 08:35 PM

Maria Menounos has four children–the canine kind.

The best part of having multiple dogs? “They are so different [from each other],” Menounos told Tuesday at The Bing After Party in West Hollywood. “They all have these wonderful personalities, and there is a different love for each of them. It’s so much fun to come home, I want fifty of them!”

But the Access Hollywood and Today correspondent has no plans for adding to her brood. “They are all aging,” she said of the dogs, all age 10, adding: “I’m going to see these guys through.” Besides: “My vet bills [now] could pay my kid’s tuition in college!”

One of the biggest issues is carving out one-on-one with Mommy. Lucky pooch Athena recently had Menounos’ undivided attention during a vet visit to have staples removed post-surgery, but those moments are few and far between. The result? Lots of bickering and jealousy, just like with human siblings. In fact, before leaving for Tuesday’s event, she noticed that her male Bichon Frise, Benjamin, was pouting.

“I’m like, ‘Why is Benjamin so angry?’” she says.”It was because my Mom’s dog and his sister [were] playing. Benjamin was left behind so he’s upset.”

And her females definitely are known for their catfights. “My standard poodle and my Bichon girl hate each other; it’s gone to blows, serious blows. So we keep them separate.” She smiles broadly. “Otherwise, the rest of them love each other.”

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