May 11, 2010 11:38 AM

If he isn’t undergoing some kind of pampering in between costume changes, Marcel the French bulldog is working it for the cameras as the new face of Nars Cosmetics line of Pro-Prime skin-smoothing face products.

Marcel, whose owner Francois Nars has an equally busy and chic lifestyle as creative director of the company, certainly looks like a million bucks. But, at 13, his age is starting to catch up to his skin. The pooch can only keep up with a little help.

“With all the world traveling, I started to really show all of my wrinkles,” the fabulously busy dog – in a moment away from the cameras – told via e-mail. “It’s painfully unbearable being so handsome, and I get a lot of problems because of my natural pout. Photographers are always telling me to stop pouting, but it’s just me.”

Before he took on his new role as the face of Pro-Prime, the multi-talented Marcel was something of a mascot for Nars, dressing up in elaborate costumes for holiday greetings to friends (a matador one year, a sailor the next).

“The costumes have all been tres chic, naturally. I’ve had the best of the best styling me behind the scenes,” Marcel says. “I emulated marine chic before it was even a concept. All-American is obviously inherent.”

Obviously. For a pooch at the forefront of style, beauty and fashion, Marcel can bark the bark, but he walks the walk, too.

“Find your own beauty, and enhance it,” he offers as a tip to both dogs and their humans. “But always, always take care of your skin.”

We can’t argue with this professional … even if he does drink from a water bowl.

NARS Cosmetics are sold at PRO-PRIME is available in stores and online at Sephora.

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