We're declaring Maple the official music critic of the Internet

We’re declaring Maple the official canine music critic of the Internet.

The adorable golden retriever-mix has accumulated a fan following from her Vine page, where she stars alongside her owner, an acoustic solo guitarist who goes by the name Trench. Maple plays along in many of his videos – how many dogs do you know that can play the bongos? – and also gives her very important artistic opinion.

Sam Smith, we hope you’re listening: In one of her latest critiques, posted March 30, we can’t quite tell how she feels about his Grammy-winning hit, “Stay with Me.”

As her owner strums the chords for the line, “I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?” Maple is either: 1. acting out the lyrics 2. begging him to play another song. (You decide!)

In her first video to go viral, Maple impressively kept the beat alongside her musical owner to The White Stripes’s hit “Seven Nation Army.” The duo also covers other big singles from artists like Vampire Weekend and The Script.

And, yes, she knows some other Smith songs.

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