Courtesy Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
February 02, 2018 03:37 PM

There’s a baby boom at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.

After starting a livecam for its two beautiful Amur tiger cubs, the zoo is now welcoming three critically endangered maned wolf pups as well.

The trio was born on Dec. 27 to two first-time parents. Mom and dad are doing a great job caring for the pups, handling the child-rearing together as is common for maned wolves. Bonita, the mom, adores all her babies, but is paying close attention to her smallest pup, and is making sure they each get enough time to nurse.

This is the first time maned wolf pups have been born at a zoo in Connecticut. There are only 4,000 maned wolves left in the wild, so every new arrival is celebrated, especially since it is difficult for maned wolves to breed in captivity.

Courtesy Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

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Courtesy Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

Their numbers are drastically low due to severe deforestation for farming that has destroyed their natural habitats in South America. Beardsley Zoo is working with the Species Survival Plan to make sure the maned wolf line stays genetically diverse, so the entire species is protected in the future.

For now the wolf pups are not on public display, but behind the scenes enjoying bonding time with their parents in a heated den … which honestly sounds really comfortable after Punxsutawney Phil’s latest prediction.

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