May 08, 2017 02:51 PM

Life will continue to be sweet for Mandy Moore‘s beloved pooch Joni.

According to Moore’s Instagram story, her pup Joni got into her suitcase over the weekend and ate an entire bar of dark chocolate. The This Is Us star immediately called poison control and rushed her dog to the vet, who kept Joni overnight for monitoring.

Moore had to head to work first thing Sunday morning and wasn’t able to stay by Joni’s side, but she had a happy update for fans late Sunday night: the pup was just fine.

“This noodle looks to be in the clear,” she wrote in her Instagram story. “Thank goodness and thanks for the well-wishes! Clearly she takes after her mom and loves [chocolate].”

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Joni, named for Joni Mitchell, is one of Moore’s many rescue pets — at one time the singer/actress had as many as eight cats and dogs. They’re “the brightest little things,” she told PEOPLE in 2010. “They make my world, and our home, just so much more whole.”

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