Mandy Moore Begs Fans For Their Help After Her Brother's 12-Year-Old Cat Goes Missing

Mandy Moore is trying to help one of her brother's find his beloved 12-year-old cat

Photo: Mandy Moore/Instagram. Inset: Charley Gallay/Getty

Mandy Moore is trying to help one of her brother’s find his beloved 12-year-old cat.

The This Is Us star, 33, shared photographs on Instagram of Claudia, his domestic shorthair cat that went missing in Koreatown, a suburb of Los Angeles, California.

Moore has two brothers, Scott and Kyle, and while it’s unclear which of them is missing their pet, it is clear that Moore would do anything to help find Claudia.

“Attention LA Koreatown folks: my brother’s cat Claudia is missing and he’s away for work in Alaska and [he’s] desperate for any help finding her,” she wrote in the caption.

The post continued with more details about Claudia including that she is “small in size” with a “grey and white” coloring and green eyes with a “grey ringed tail.”

“She has a very distinctive meow. She escaped from an open door Monday night, 3/26, from the 500 block of St. Andrews near 6th street in Koreatown,” Moore wrote. “She is an indoor cat and is not used to being outside. She is normally very friendly, but may be scared and skittish.”

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Moore opened up to PEOPLE in October about her “extraordinarily close” family and their unique story: the star was 23 when her mother left her father for a woman and both of her brothers are gay.

“Nobody is hiding who they are. There are no secrets in our lives. I love and support my mom and my brothers with my whole heart. And nothing makes me happier than seeing anybody live their authentic self, and to choose love. If anyone can find love, I support it, I salute you and I celebrate that,” she said.

When it comes to intolerance, “I feel a certain amount of protectiveness,” Moore continued. “I definitely won’t stand for that. But I feel like we’re at a time in our culture when we’re able to have a much more open dialogue. I’m encouraged and excited that eventually we’re going to get to a point where none of this matters. Sexual preference or orientation just won’t factor in anymore. I think we’re inching closer to that.”

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