Man Reunites Lost Dog with Owner By Standing on Street Corner with Canine and Sign for Two Days

"Do you know this lost dog?" read the cardboard sign Jason Gasparik held while standing next to Roxy the Lab on the sidewalk

Photo: Lyndsay Tapases/Twitter

Jason Gasparik is the hero lost dogs need and deserve.

According to WCNC, when the Charlotte, North Carolina, man found a lost dog wandering around his area on Thursday, he did everything he could to reunite the canine with his owner — and we mean everything.

Along with checking the pet for a microchip and posting about the lost dog across all of his social media accounts and several lost pet Facebook pages, Gasparik went a step further and stood on a street corner near where the dog was found with the pooch and sign.

“Do you know this lost dog?” read the cardboard sign, which also included arrows point down at the Labrador standing beside Gasparik on the street corner.

For two days, Gasparik visited the street corner with the Lab, hoping for a lucky break.

On Sunday, that break arrived. While Gasparik was standing outside, posting on PawBoost and sharing photos of the lost dog on his own social media, the canine’s owner, Ed, was driving around town searching for his missing furry friend.

Ed has a back injury that is currently limiting his mobility, so the owner was forced to search for his dog rom his car. During the days his Lab, named Roxy, was missing, Ed drove around where the dog disappeared calling her name and asking people on the street if the had seen his pooch.

Ed stopped a woman, who was walking her own Lab, on Sunday and asked her about Roxy, reports WYFF4. After looking at the photo Ed provided, the woman recognized Roxy from Gasparik’s social posts and time on the street corner. She was able to connect the two men so they could met up and reunite Roxy with her rightful owner.

Gasparik told WCNC that Roxy was “very excited” to see her owner again and is doing well.

According WYFF4, when Gasparik went to check for Roxy’s microchip, he found that is was unregistered. He told the NBC affiliate he plans to help Ed register Roxy’s microchip, so she can be quickly reunited with Ed, if she gets lost again.

“If you are unsure if your pet’s chip is registered or you are unsure of what the registration info contains, please ask your pet to scan the chip,” he said. “The vet can then do the search, or you can use the chip ID number to do your own search. Please register your pets’ chips. They really do help reconnect pets with their families.”

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