The puppy, named Shiner, was born with just one eye

By Maria Yagoda
January 05, 2016 07:43 PM

The Internet can be a beautiful place, especially when puppies are involved.

On Monday, a Reddit user posted a photo of his brother, who is blind in one eye, holding a one-eyed dog that was having trouble finding a home due to his disability.

“My brother, who has vision in one eye, bought a dog that was only born with one eye that no one else wanted,” he wrote.  His brother, Jordan Trent, adopted the pup and named him Shiner.

Much like the three-legged kitten and amputee girl who became instant best friends, the man and his new dog can both only see out of one eye, making them the perfect match. 

“We’ve only had him a couple days,” Trent told MTV News. “He is acclimating to our family great.”

Judging by the smile on Trent’s face, and the cozy, I-love-my-life demeanor of the pup in his arms, we have a feeling they’ll be fast friends.