Keith Burgess carried the scared animal to the safety of a nearby forest

One of childhood’s simple joys is falling asleep on the couch at night and woozily waking up hours later to find one of your parents carrying you to bed. It just feels so safe.

A young moose recently got to experience something close to this blissful rite of passage while wandering around Anchorage, Alaska.

The (relatively) little animal was enjoying the frontier when he encountered a road that was too scary to cross. The poor thing got stuck in traffic, but the moose-ling was not frazzled for long, because Good Samaritan Keith Burgess came swooping in to the rescue.

Spotting the frightened animal, Burgess stopped his car, picked up the moose in his arms, carried him across the road and released him into the safety of some nearby woods.

If only all crossing guard duties were this adorable.