Man Saves Coyote Pup from Drowning Before Taking It on a 10-Day Rafting Adventure

The unlikely friendship was forged after an outdoorsman rescued the pup while rafting down a river in Saskatchewan, Canada

coyote pup rescued
YipYip the coyote pup. Photo: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan

An outdoorsman in Canada befriended the most adorable adventure companion when he rescued a drowning coyote pup during a 10-day rafting trip.

The heartwarming story about the unlikely friendship surfaced on July 14 when Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan shared photos from their excursion on its social media accounts, writing that a man named Justin a recently saved a coyote pup while out on his raft in Saskatchewan.

"While he was fishing, he heard something in the water squeak - and that’s when he saw some sort of animal swimming in the river! It’s nose was barely above the water and the water was so dark and murky that Justin couldn’t initially tell what kind of animal it was," the post read.

"Justin tried to reach for the animal but ended up falling in the freezing cold water as well. Luckily, Justin was somehow able to locate the animal - a coyote pup! - in the water AND catch his raft before it floated away for good!"

coyote pup rescued
YipYip the coyote pup. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan

The coyote pup was unconscious when it was brought aboard the raft, according to the wildlife organization, but Justin immediately performed CPR on the animal and "was able to do a modified Heimlich manoeuvre [sic] by pushing on its belly."

"After a few pushes, water squirted out of the coyote’s nose and he was breathing again! Justin and his new friend were both soaked so they ended up back on land again where Justin made a fire and tried to warm the little guy up."

As Justin was in the middle of a solo rafting trip along the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan rivers and had limited reception, he brought the pup along his 10-day adventure before finding help for his furry friend, the WRSOS said in its post.

coyote pup rescued
YipYip the coyote pup. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan

"The little pup would eat with Justin, cuddle in his jacket, and sleep in his backpack while they rafted down the river. Justin ended up naming the little guy YipYip and took really good care of him throughout the trip," the organization wrote, explaining that Justin eventually "was able to find a place where he could get service and call his wife for advice."

According to WRSOS, the couple contacted several animal shelters in neighboring provinces before connecting with an SPCA chapter out in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In turn, the rescue contacted WRSOS for help.

YipYip is now in a rehabilitation center, where the pup will remain until it's old enough to be released back into the wild, according to the organization.

"If it wasn’t for the wonderfully caring Justin, little YipYip would have perished in the river," WRSOS said. "Thank you Justin!"

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