The rescued dog is already "ready to move on and doesn’t harbor any bad feelings," a veterinarian said

By Helen Murphy
November 05, 2019 10:07 AM
University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital

A puppy named Dory is recovering well after being saved from a freezing cold lake in Illinois over the weekend — and now her rescuer wants to adopt her.

According to the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, middle school science teacher Bryant Fritz was heading out to fish at a lake in Champaign, Illinois, when he saw a small black and white puppy trapped in a crate in the water.

“It was about 3 p.m. when I saw the dog in the lake,” Fritz told the newspaper. “Part of the crate was sticking out of the water. The puppy’s head was still above water, but the rest of her body was submerged.”

Fritz then jumped into the water to recuse her, himself, according to CNN.

“I thought about calling someone but I didn’t think she had an extra five or 10 minutes,” he told the outlet. “I just didn’t know.”

Once Dory was safely out of the water, Fritz drove her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital — after making a pit stop at his home to wrap her in a warm blanket.

University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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According to the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Facebook page, Dory was treated at the hospital for hypothermia and other injuries that “do not appear to be related to being in the lake.” It took two or three hours of warming to get the pup back up to normal temperature levels.

On Monday, the hospital announced that she was well enough to be released to Champaign County Animal Control. She will stay there while police investigate who left her in the lake, according to the News-Gazette.

“She’s excited, she’s happy, she’s eating, she wags her tail, licks faces, takes treats,” hospital employee Dr. Meghan Fick told the News-Gazette. “Puppies are so resilient that she doesn’t know that people did this to her, and she just wants to be around people. She wants to sit on your lap, lick your hands and take treats. She’s ready to move on and doesn’t harbor any bad feelings.”

University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital
University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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Now that Dory is feeling better, Fritz — who recently lost his own dog, a pit bull mix — said that he’d like to adopt her.

“As I filled out the paperwork when I brought her to the hospital, I realized I wanted this dog to be a part of my life,” he told the newspaper.

“We are the first ones on the list,” he added to CNN.