Man Quits Jobs, Sells Belongings and Finds Fresh Start Traveling the World with His Pet Ferret

Charlie Hammerton and Bandit traveled to 25 cities in 11 different countries over eight months

Charlie Hammerton
Photo: Charlie Hammerton/SWNS

Charlie Hammerton and his pet ferret Bandit heard the call of the wild, and they responded in a big way.

According SWNS, the 25-year-old and his furry travel companion have traveled through 11 countries in a campervan that Hammerton bought after quitting his job at the Royal Air Force and selling all his belongings.

The Cornwall, England, man raised close to $20,000 from selling his possessions, including three cars; enough money to keep Bandit and him on the road for over eight months.

“Traveling was the most amazing experience of my life and it was completely liberating. We followed the sun across the world and camped under the stars in amazing places,” Hammerton told SWNS about the trip. “It was beautiful and I spent it with my best friend.”

Charlie Hammerton
Charlie Hammerton/SWNS

“I have less money now but I am much wealthier as a person,” he added.

Gaining this emotional wealth was important to Hammerton, who, prior to the trip, was rocked by a year of loss, grieving the death of his mother, best friend, and adopted mom in a short period of time.

Battling all this darkness inspired Hammerton to be bold, and instead of putting off his dream vacation for another year, he decided to make the drastic changes he needed to to make the trip happen.

Charlie Hammerton

“It took a lot of courage for me to do what I did. At the time I was living in a nice flat, had a good job and had three cars. I had a lot of savings behind me and I was lucky enough to be very secure,” Hammerton said. “But it was all just ‘stuff’ to me and didn’t really mean anything.”

Hammerton didn’t hesitate when it came to choosing Bandit, who Hammerton adopted from a rescue in 2015, as his travel partner. The ferret has been a true friend to his owner, helping Hammerton through the loss of his three loved ones.

Charlie Hammerton
Charlie Hammerton/SWNS

Together the pair visited 25 different cities on their 8 months trek, raising money throughout the trip for various important to Hammerton and his loved ones.

“The trip was completely liberating and I really did have an amazing experience,” he said.

Back from his eight-month journey with Bandit, Hammerton now travels around England teaching schoolchildren about self-confidence, outdoor survival skills and bushcraft.

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