Another reminder that wild animals are not photo props

By Kelli Bender
September 27, 2018 03:39 PM

Here’s another urgent reminder that wild animals are not props for photos.

Snakes should not be picked up for selfies, neither should endangered animals. And you certainly shouldn’t pull on a giant reptile’s tail just so you can get a cool photo out of it.

Unfortunately, that is just what one man did, according to Daily Mail.

In the video of this foolish incident, a man can be seen grabbing hold of an alligator’s tail while his friend films. The friend assures the gator-grabber the video will lead to a “cool screenshot.”

The large alligator quickly makes it known that it does not like being treated as a prop by turning around and lunging at the man, jaws open wide.

The gator, who is resting in a small pond, just misses biting the antagonizer.

“Have you ever seen a fat guy run that fast?” the man in the clip says to his off-camera friend after hustling away from the animal.

While both humans and the alligator appear to be safe at the end of this clip, it is never made clear why the men were bothering the animal in the first place.