The video of an autotuned Elton insistently meowing now has over 2.47 million views on Twitter

If T-Pain is looking for a new collaborative partner, we know the perfect feline.

Meet Elton, like most cats he enjoys being vocal at inopportune times. Unfortunately, the meower’s voice doesn’t sound anything like Elton John’s.

After being woken up early by Elton’s insistent meowing again and again, the cat’s owner, Joaquin Baldwin, decided to take action.

“Autotuned the cat because he won’t shut up in the mornings. I don’t know how this helps but I did it anyway,” Baldwin captioned his YouTube video of Elton’s newly autotuned meows.

Baldwin didn’t get any extra sleep by autotuinng his cat, but he did turn his Elton into a Twitter celebrity.

Baldwin also posted the video of autotuned Elton to Twitter, where it has over 2.47 million views, over 74,000 retweets and plenty of comments from tickled pet owners.

Commenters loved Elton’s new sound so much, they expressed interest in autotuning their own pets.

In response, Baldwin let his followers know that he used a free app called Voloco to achieve the effect.

Now, there is nothing holding you back from turning your own vocal pet into a musical act.