Dukes County Sheriff's Office
September 06, 2016 11:13 AM

How do you elevate a common crime spree? Well, with a little dash of color, of course.

Police in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, arrested a man Saturday afternoon on a string of charges that included several instances of theft, drug possession and destruction of property.

At one point, Felix Reagan also took the time to paint someone’s dog purple.

It all started at 2:30 Saturday afternoon, when police responded to a report of a crashed stolen car and a suspect fleeing on foot. About 10 minutes later, officers were called to a home where a first-floor window had been forced open; several items were stolen and the family dog was covered in purple paint.

A neighbor provided a description of Reagan to police, who was apprehended shortly afterwards with telltale purple paint on his pants and prescription pills in his pocket. (He also had a stolen driver’s license and credit cards.)

Reagan attempted to kick out the police cruiser’s windows and kicked a police officer, which probably didn’t help his case. He’s currently facing a number of charges, and it’s unclear whether or not he had a lawyer who could possibly explain why he chose to paint someone’s dog purple.


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