A Brazilian tattoo artist seemingly tattooed his dog, believing that could prevent it from getting cancer, according to a now-deleted Facebook post


Brazilian tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno has been the subject of a massive online backlash after photos that seemed to show his dog with fresh tattoos on its ears, nose and face appeared.

Lawyer Fernanda Soares noticed the pictures shortly after Damasceno posted and shared them, at which point they spread quickly as animal lovers condemned the man’s actions. Damasceno quickly deleted the pics and his social media accounts.

Perhaps most bizarrely, Damasceno claimed the animal’s tattoos — which included the LA Dodgers logo, several stars, a diamond and a combination anchor/brass knuckles design — were to prevent it from getting cancer. He apparently claimed that the ink would protect vulnerable areas from solar rays. Several Brazilian veterinarians — as well as most people’s common sense — debunked this theory.

Damasceno’s girlfriend — who may have been the one to post the pictures, reports are varied — defended him, saying that the tattoos were sanctioned by vets in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The clinic in question denied this and condemned the pair’s actions.

It’s unclear whether or not the case is being investigated by Brazilian authorities.