Make Your Pooch Your Exercise Partner

Celebrity trainer Michelle Lovitt offers five ways you can stay active with your dog.

Walking your dog may seem like a chore sometimes – especially when it’s bitter cold outside! – but did you ever think that it might actually be good for you and not just your dog? We should all take a tip from Matthew McConaughey, who makes a habit of exercising with his pooch, and get moving with our canines. Celebrity trainer Michelle Lovitt tells Shape magazine five ways you can get active with your dog:

* Don’t be a bench warmer at the dog run. Man’s best friend happens to make a perfect exercise partner and likes to do more than just play fetch.

* Set up an agility obstacle course with cones and jumps, take a swim at the beach, climb stairs or run bleachers.

* If you walk with your furry friend for 30 minutes a day you’ll torch 200-350 calories, and breathing fresh, outdoor air will put an extra bounce in your step.

* Being active with your canine companion will improve the quality of life for both of you. With all that fun, you will add years to your lives and friends fur-ever!

Check out the latest issue of Shape magazine for more tips. Click here to see more stars with their pets!

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