Make Your Dream of Swimming with Baby Otters Come True

Nurtured by Nature is a California non-profit whose otter encounters fund programs for children with terminal illnesses


Nurtured by Nature is all about turning wishes into reality.

At this California non-profit you can feed a sloth, relax with a kangaroo and get to know an armadillo. But perhaps the most magical encounter they offer is the chance to swim with baby otters.

No longer do you have to stand at the other side of the glass, looking in. Now, you can pay to swim with a group of Asian small-clawed otters, who are all eager to have a big buddy to play with in the pool. All of the animals at the facility are either part of a conservation program, surplus from zoos who couldn’t care for them or rescues from the wild.

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The best part of this encounter, aside from the oodles of otter kisses, is that your experience helps pave the way for children in need to experience the same joy. Along with using their profits to care for their animals, Nurtured by Nature uses their funds to invite children with terminal illnesses to enjoy the beauty and excitement of wildlife up close and free of charge.

Not surprisingly, the otter encounters for this year are already booked up, but 2017 has openings!

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