The new Canine Wedding Collection ensures your pup comes correct on your big day

When we think about dogs at weddings, it’s either one of two scenarios: A renegade canine rips off a tablecloth during the best man’s speech, or a haunchy pup wobbles down the aisle with an unbalanced velvet pillow on his back.

But now, thanks to dog boutique Up Country, canine ring bearers can go from making faux pas to being welcome members of the wedding party. With items ranging from ribbon collars – traditional, durable items adorned with interlocking rings or love tokens – to the more ethereal daisy chain, you won’t have to worry about your dog looking like a dork on your wedding day.

We tested out the Rose Ruff, a surprisingly life-like and elegant band that rests comfortably around the neck. Adorned with gorgeous fabric roses, the Ruff turned our rough and tumble Maltipoo into a winsome, party pixie. And though he usually wrestles with any sort of costuming (there was that one time, with the bandana … ), our pup tester barely noticed the floral band, even delighting in a nap while dressed in full wedding attire.

Ranging from $25 to $60 for more intricate designs, the entire Up Country Wedding Collection can be found online at Just don’t blame us when the bulldog upstages Aunt Betty.