Maine Dog Stuck on Roof Repays Firefighter Rescuer with Grateful Canine Kisses

Jasper the husky ended up on the roof when his owners weren't home by ripping a hole in an upstairs window screen.

This adorable rescue is sealed with a kiss.

According to WGME, Jasper, a husky with an explorer’s spirit, went looking for adventure on the roof of his Wells, Maine, home.

While his owners were out of the house, the ten-year-old dog ripped a hole in the screen of an upstairs window, walked onto the roof and didn’t feel comfortable going back in the way he came or jumping down, reports

On Facebook, the Wells Police Department said that several concerned neighbors saw the dog pacing the roof and called the authorities for help. Officers from the Wells Police Department quickly arrived on the scene, where they found Jasper smiling from his two-story spot and a neighbor on ground level keeping an eye on the dog. Firefighters from the Wells Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4652 came to assist shortly after the officers arrived.

“The call came in for a dog stuck on a roof. My first thought was on the roof of a car, but I didn’t exactly know what was going on,” Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department told WGME.

Officer Steve McDonald/Wells Maine Police Department

With power lines blocking the use of the ladder truck, Captain Nawfel decided to use a regular ladder to climb up to the roof and put Jasper back inside the house through the window the dog climbed out of. When the firefighter got onto the roof, Jasper was quick to show his appreciation, planting sweet, slobbery kisses on Captain Nawfel. Wells Police Department officer Steve McDonald captured the entire encounter on camera. Video and photos from the roof rescue were shared on the department’s Facebook page, where they quickly drew “awww”s, likes and applause from online commenters.

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“I had no idea that a little affection from the dog would blow up the way it has. It’s been surreal at best,” Nawfel, who was able to safely lead Jasper back into the house from the roof, said about the now-viral moment.

Jasper’s owners were grateful as well, stopping by the station after the rescue to give Nawfel and the other firefighters a thank you card for their husky heroics.

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