Amazon Driver Saves 3 Puppies from Fire and 4 More Mail Carriers Who've Rescued Canines

An unidentified Amazon delivery driver reported a fire at a Florida home, saving three puppies inside the house alone

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Amazon Driver Does Good

During a structure fire yesterday, 3 puppies were saved and revived from smoke inhalation. Thank you to the Amazon driver who noticed the smoke and called 911
Columbia County Fire Rescue

On August 30, an unidentified Amazon delivery driver saved the lives of three puppies with their sharp eyes. While working in a Florida neighborhood, the driver spotted a smoking home and reported it to 911. Firefighters responded to the call and found the house on fire, the owners away, and three puppies alone inside the home. Thanks to the driver's phone call, firefighters arrived in time to save all of the dogs and stop the blaze from spreading.

This isn't the only time a mail carrier has sprung into action to help save an imperiled pet they found on their route. Read on to learn about the mail carriers who saved canines while on the job.

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UPS Driver Saves Drowning Dog

Courtesy Ryan Arens

In December 2018, Ryan Arens was on his route in Bozeman, Montana, delivering packages a few days before Christmas, when he heard a dog yelping. Arens followed the sound through the dark to an icy pond, where he discovered a dog that had fallen through the pond's ice and was trapped in frigid water. In response, Arens stripped down to boxers and went out onto the ice to rescue the canine. The UPS carrier ended up in the chilly pond water, swimming with the dog until they both could climb back on land. Arens' heroics saved the dog, named Sadie, who survived the incident with no serious injuries.

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FedEx Driver Delivers Missing Dog

FedEx driver finds Colorado woman’s lost dog, returns her home

Special delivery! After Lisa Menzies' golden retriever Catcher slipped out of the house during renovations in March 2020, the canine came across an unexpected savior. A FedEx driver working near Menzies' homes in Castle Pines, Colorado, found the pup wandering around and looking lost. The driver looked at Catcher's identification tag and brought the dog back home, a kind act captured by Menzies' doorbell camera.

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Amazon Driver Dives In

Dog rescued
Luka the dog. CBSN Boston

John Cassabria was delivering packages for Amazon in Woburn, Massachusetts, in August 2020 when he noticed a dog struggling to stay afloat in the deep end of a backyard pool. Realizing the pooch was in trouble, Cassabria immediately jumped into the pool and rescued the drowning pet. After saving the canine, named Luka, Cassabria learned that Luka was 14 years old and had weak hind legs, so he wouldn't have lasted long in the pool on his own.

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Amazon Carrier Keeps Canine Company

Yoshi the dog and Amazon Flex driver Edie Dotan
Edie Dotan

Edie Dotan, an Amazon Flex driver in Las Vegas, was dropping off packages early in the morning in June when she discovered a scared, lost dog, wearing a collar with his name, Yoshi, and the contact info for his owners. Dotan contacted Yoshi's pet parents and left them a message that she had found their dog. While Dotan and Yoshi waited to hear back, the duo made deliveries and kept each other company. After a few hours, Dotan heard from Yoshi's grateful owners and dropped the dog off back home.

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