Jeff Kramer installed the ramp for one of his favorite pooches on his day off

By Amy Jamieson
Updated January 06, 2017 03:23 PM

A Colorado mail carrier recently delivered something super special to a struggling dog on his route: quality of life.

Jeff Kramer from Boulder, Colorado, built Tashi the 14-year-old black Lab a ramp so he can easily get in and out of his house.

The pair met a few years ago, according to the Daily Camera, though things were a bit different then.

“As fast as he could — which was not very fast — he ran up to me tail wagging, first day I met him,” Kramer recalled. “He’s just a really friendly dog. And I am a dog person, and they can tell.”

Kramer made time for the daily greetings, which would prompt Tashi to come outside and socialize. As the years passed though, the dog slowed in pace.

“We were literally carrying him up and down the stairs,” the canine’s owner, Karen Dimetrosky, said. “And he weighs about 70 pounds.”

The mail carrier noticed and decided to do something about it. According to the Daily Camera, Kramer had built a ramp for his own elderly pooch, which had been sitting in his backyard since the dog died a few years ago.

“I just noticed they needed it,” Kramer said of the ramp. “I didn’t need it anymore and I hate throwing things away.”

Not only did he give Tashi the ramp, but he installed it himself on his day off.

“It’s incredible,” said Dimetrosky. “I can’t imagine not having the ramp now. It’s the only way [Tashi] gets in and out.”

Kramer was happy to do such a nice thing for a dog that he told the Daily Camera was one of his favorites.

“I’ve got about 30 or 40 that enthusiastically greet me,” Kramer said. “Then I’ve got three or four that enthusiastically want to eat me.”