The stylish pillows resemble quaint home décor – on purpose

By People Staff
Updated January 14, 2010 12:45 PM

Looking at a piece from the Madison Avenue Mutts collection, you may at first think it’s a pricey throw pillow, or perhaps a luxe couch cushion. Wrong – it’s a dog bed, and a pretty one at that!

Madison Avenue Mutts was founded by pet owners Brooke Reed-Dmytriw and Kathleen Reed, who set out to create dog beds and blankets that would complement typical home décor, instead of detracting from it. Together, they’ve made a collection from classic, durable fabrics that lets your pet lounge in style.

We were lucky enough to test out the Manhattan bed, a well-stuffed, smart-looking piece that gave our pal Ethel a cozy resting place during a recent meeting! Though basic, the bed is definitely sleeker than your run-of-the-mill pet perch. Each bed is made in the U.S. and features a machine-washable shell stuffed with soft recycled polyurethane. Prices increase with size – from extra-small to large – and you have the option to purchase a waterproof insert cover to protect the stuffing from incontinent dogs.

For an extra-nice night’s sleep, check out the machine-washable Bungalow blankets ($39.95-$49.95) or the faux fur Breckinridge throw ($79.95-$159.95), both of which are pretty enough for people.

Madison Avenue Mutts also offers unique dog- and cat-themed necklaces for pet lovers ($30.95-$32.95) as well as a charming assortment of leashes, collars and matching bows (all under $30).