"She was crying a little bit, she was a little bit shaken," Kelli the koala's rescuer said

Meet the new King Queen of the Road.

According to BBC News, a koala recently decided to take a rest behind the tire of a parked car in Adelaide, Australia. The only issue was, the car didn’t stay parked for long.

The driver of the vehicle didn’t notice the koala and drove off with the animal still attached to the car. After 10 miles, the driver heard the koala’s confused cries and realized something was wrong. Upon pulling over, the motorist found the koala stuck behind the wheel well, gripping onto one of the car’s axles.

Credit: SA Metropolitan Fire/Twitter

The South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service and Fauna Rescue responded to the emergency call about the accidental hitchhiker, and they were able to safely remove the tire and then the koala, who they later named Kelli (a wonderful choice), from the wheel well.

“She was crying a littele bit, she was a little bit shaken,” rescuer Jane Brister told 9News. “She was certainly in shock, but I rushed her straight to the vet.”

Credit: SA Metropolitan Fire/Twitter

Aside from a little burnt fur, Kelli survived her wild ride unscathed and was released back into the wild a few days after her harrowing journey.

Kelli, stick to the trees and the branches you’re used to from now on.