MacGyver the Giant Lizard is the Oddest 'Dog' You'll Ever Meet

Like a dog, MacGyver loves belly rubs, going for walks and making new friends

Have you ever seen MacGyver the Argentine Red Tegu lizard? Even though he isn’t covered in fur, he has managed to work his way to Internet fame, up there with adorable all-stars like Norbert the Dog and Grumpy Cat.

At first sight, he may look like a freaky Slim Jim come to life, but thousands of animal lovers have become obsessed with MacGyver and his passion for clothes, being fed with chopsticks and getting belly rubs.

The reptile is so friendly that he is almost dog-like, accompanying his owner everywhere, often making new buddies along the way. Like the canines he is compared to, MacGyver is loyal, highly intelligent, loves a good snuggle and is a fan of the occasional fashion statement.

All of this has helped the 4-year-old lizard gain over 93,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom he has met in person at the meet-and-greets he set ups in his hometown of San Diego, California.

While all these shots of MacGyver’s skills and sashimi lunches make owning a large lizard seem enticing, MaGyver’s mom is honest about the extra work that comes with owning an exotic pet.

If you are thinking about getting a Tegu lizard, you must be prepared to spend large amounts of time with your new pet, feed them a diet of fresh fruits, veggies and meats, keep their temperatures regulated, be okay with owning a pet that could grow to be 4 feet or more and live for over 20 years.

For those not ready to make that commitment (understandably so), there is MacGyver. You can enjoy all the cute, big-jowled fun, with none of the long-term pressure.

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