LuLu Leash Lights Up For Safety

The LuLu Leash makes your dog visible on busy city streets.

Little dogs who live in big cities have a natural predator–delivery guys on bikes. If you’ve ever had to yank your pup out of the way of a screeching cyclist, you know what I mean. My two tiny Chihuahuas, Lady and SheShe–who each weigh about as much as an extra large order of shrimp lo mein–are all but invisible to sidewalk speed racers, especially at night. That’s why I was so happy to come across the LuLu Leash, billed as the world’s first fully illuminated leash.

It’s being marketed as a must-have accessory for “models and muscle heads” in Miami Beach who want to draw even more attention while walking their frou-frou pooches–but for me, in gritty New York City, it’s a potential lifesaver. Two thin tubes run through a chain-link leash and either blink or light steadily with the flip of a switch on the handle (batteries not included). The available colors–sun yellow! ocean blue! flamingo flame!–are pleasing, but best of all is how bright it is: at night it’s clearly visible from hundreds of feet away. There’s a couple of drawbacks: the battery pack has to be kept dry which can be difficult in the rain, and at $39.95 it’s a little pricey. What’s more, Lady and SheShe didn’t even notice their shiny new gizmos (I guess they’d never make it in Miami Beach). But that’s okay–I felt a lot safer for them once we got out of the dark age.

So if you want to dress up your daily dog walks–or ward off crazy delivery guys–getting a LuLu is the leash you can do.

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