October 20, 2017 12:21 PM

The talk of Twitter yesterday wasn’t President Trump, it was Lulu the dog.

The Labrador became a trending sensation when the CIA shared her story through a rare Twitter “pupdate.”

Turns out Lulu is a bit of a drop out.

She was recruited as a pup for the CIA’s K9 Explosive Detection program. Lulu quickly discovered the day-to-day grind of sniffing and sacrifice wasn’t for her, and she made that clear to her trainers.

“Lulu was no longer interested in searching for explosives. Even when they could motivate her with food and play to search, she was clearly not enjoying herself any longer,” the CIA explained in a blog post on why they chose to drop Lulu from the program.

But let’s make one thing clear: this was a conscious uncoupling. Lulu isn’t some punk smoking cigarettes by the bleachers outside the Pentagon; both dog and government intelligence service decided this situation was a no-go for Lulu.

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Now, Lulu is leading the life she wants at home with her former handler. The CIA gives a “dropped” dog’s handler the option to adopt the dog first before looking for another forever family. After just a few weeks together, Lulu and her handler had already bonded enough to know their love could last a lifetime.

Lulu’s world has now transformed from one of completing tasks for treats and attention to one of boundless love and kibble. The CIA tweeted that the dog’s days are now filled with playing and chasing squirrels.


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