Jamie Apfel was shocked when her dog started nursing two kittens without any prompting

By Kelli Bender
Updated April 07, 2015 10:20 PM

Lucy Liu the Chihuahua – not the Charlie’s Angel – is making headlines for her mothering skills.

The little dog recently adopted two kittens into her care, reports WRIC. Both of the baby cats had been found abandoned on the side of a road near New York City.

The 10-week-old felines were rushed to Hi Tor Animal Care Center for treatment, where they were later taken in by veterinary technician Jamie Apfel.

Apfel brought the kittens, Boo and Sully, home expecting to bottle-feed them, but her dog had a different idea. Lucy Liu started nursing the duo on her own and nuzzling them at night.

As soon as Boo and Sully are big enough, they will be moved back to the Hi Tor Animal Care Center for adoption. Apfel is excited to see the kittens go to a forever home, but is worried that about how Lucy Liu will deal with an empty nest.

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