Lucy Lawless is Squirrel's Hero

Actress Lucy Lawless saves a squirrel left traumatized after falling out of a tree.


She may no longer be a warrior princess, but former Xena star Lucy Lawless is still a true hero. The actress told Bonnie Hunt on her talk show Friday that she helped save a squirrel that had fallen out of a tree recently. “I carried him around in my T-shirt for about two days because this little guy was so sort of traumatized,” she said about the squirrel, who she named Peanut. She researched online about how to care for squirrels and brought the little guy with her everywhere to keep up with feedings – but other people weren’t that keen to meet the New Zealand native’s bosom buddy. “People don’t really like squirrels. I’m amazed,” she said of the experience. “We never had squirrels where I come from, so for me they’re like story book characters.” Peanut the squirrel’s story has a happy ending: Lawless reports that Peanut is now living with a squirrel rehabilitator in Malibu, Calif.

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