The man who filmed the video at a train station in Mumbai believes the dog is searching for an owner who left her behind

By Saryn Chorney
March 01, 2018 01:53 PM

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a loyal dog, abandoned or lost, searching for its favorite person?

The dog captured in the video above, who also appears to be a new mother of four puppies, has been seen running amongst the trains at Kanjurmarg Railway Station in Mumbai, India, since Jan. 2. She specifically waits for the Kalyan-bound train on Platform 1, which arrives nightly around 11 p.m., then “chases after the women’s coach, peeking into doorways and scanning windows in search of something — or someone,” according to National Geographic.

On Feb. 21, Sameer Thorat posted the video to Youtube, stating “I spotted the dog while returning from work. The way it waits for the late-night trains and tries to [peek] inside the ladies coach, it seems it is searching for a funicular person who either fed it regularly or [left] it behind. I guess someone has left her.”

Thorat, an IT specialist, commutes to work daily between 3 p.m. and midnight. He claims he began seeing the canine approximately two weeks ago. A dog lover himself, the man was hoping that posting footage of the pooch on social media would help the stray or maybe uncover the reason why she regularly awaits the train. Thus far, the clip has brought attention to the dog’s situation from other worried commuters who found she also has a litter of puppies, less than two weeks old.

“We are not moving her from that place because the puppies are very small,” Thorat says. “Their eyes are not open yet.”

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The concerned animal lovers are currently watching after the dog and looking into getting her puppies adopted. Thorat now suspects her owner may have abandoned her upon realizing she was pregnant.

Nevertheless, canine experts say the dog has a determined attitude. “This dog is an optimist,” Karen Overall, a canine behavior expert at the University of Pennslyvania, tells National Geographic. “It’s interesting that this dog would have a relationship with someone that is so strong that she would still look [for her].”

Overall believes the person the pooch seeks may have moved or died. She thinks it will probably keep waiting for the absentee owner or friend, craving the loving kindness and bond that results from a unique relationship between a human and a dog.

Whatever the reason for the separation, we’re glad to know this special dog now has a team of people keeping an eye out for her safety. Maybe one of them will volunteer to be her new forever partner.