June 02, 2016 04:06 PM

A dog owner lent his pup a paw by destroying the shoes on his feet.

According to UPI, Don Chernoff of Reston, Virginia, was worried about his dog Sunny, who kept breaking her prosthetic paw. After having her left leg partially amputated because of a tumor, the golden retriever needs an artificial foot to get around. But Sunny was never able to get far, because the prosthetic paws she was provided would break under her weight or get chewed off by Sunny herself.

Once the dog’s most recent prosthesis broke down, Chernoff decided to take things into in his own hands … and off his own feet. The owner ripped apart a pair of his Nike Zoom Vapor 9 shoes and used the pieces — plus a little duct tape — to create a special “faux paw” for Sunny.

Thanks to the more bendable and athletic build of Sunny’s new shoe, the canine is able to romp and run with ease, and Chernoff no longer has to worry about another broken prosthetic.

“It works much better and now Sunny is a Nike dog! Roger Federer would be proud,” the owner wrote along with a video of his pup enjoying her new look.

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