A cat scratcher that both you and your cat will dig.

By People Staff
December 16, 2009 06:59 AM

Forget my cats, I’m the one who wants these cool cardboard scratchers! Which I’m sure is the exact reaction that Marmalade Pet Care had in mind when they designed the Wallflower cardboard scratcher. The Marmalade site goes so far as to call the Wallflower “an affordable installation art piece for any home.” Priced at $42, it certainly feels more like art than a cat toy. But the truth is, this cardboard scratcher is something to brag about.

And about that cardboard… Not only is the Wallflower 100% recyclable, it’s constructed by hand in the U.S. using 35% minimum post-consumer waste and non-toxic adhesives. There’s some piece of mind to go with your kitty design.

Find your own Wallflower, along with other modern pet furniture from Marmalade Pet Care, at retailers online or at your local pet boutique.

Mary Sheely