Love Your Pet? Say It with a Tattoo – for Your Car!

Display your pet pride with a removable CarTatt

Now here’s one tattoo you won’t regret getting! The CarTatt, a removable decal for your automobile, displays your animal love for all to see. The softball-size stickers come decorated with pretty portraits of popular dog and cat breeds, or you can create one with the mug of your very own lovable pet!

The “tatts” are the brainchild of Rosemarie Monaco, a New Jersey public-relations manager who got the idea from a client. “He was showing me vehicle wraps [or large ads] he manufactures for trucks,” Monaco tells PEOPLE Pets. “It hit a chord. I wondered if I could do something like this, on a smaller scale.” So she began testing various stickers adorned with everything from flags and flowers to, of course, cats and dogs, and eventually launched her Web site in June 2007.

Since then, the company has received orders from around the world and accepts personalized requests using family pet pictures and customized text. “We also did a ‘Get Back at Michael Vick’ tatt when that whole scandal broke,” says Monaco. “It featured a bulldog using him as a hydrant!”

The CarTatts retail for less than $10, and a portion of the proceeds go to the NJSPCA. (Cat tattoos aren’t available online right now because the site is undergoing an update, but you can call 973-219-0329 to inquire.) Don’t have a specific pet in mind for your CarTatt? Check out their playful line of paw prints, which can be designed to wrap around your car’s side or bumpers. Now that’s leaving a mark!

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