Celebrate Love Your Pet Day By Obsessing Over Dogs With Chris Evans

Chris Evans is narrating the upcoming IMAX documentary Superpower Dogs

It’s Love Your Pet Day, and Chris Evans wants to celebrate with you.

The Avengers star is not shy about his deep devotion to his rescue dog Dodger, but Evans’ dog love doesn’t stop there.

“We are so lucky to have dogs. We really are so lucky to have dogs,” the actor says in the clip above for the upcoming IMAX documentary Superpower Dogs. “They are great teachers and they really do show us the best we can be.”

To highlight just how much a single canine can improve the world, Evans is narrating Superpower Dogs — an original IMAX documentary that premieres in IMAX theaters on March 15.

This film is all about the real world’s furriest superheroes, who go above and beyond to protect the Earth and its people.

The video above gives dog lovers a peek at the amazing animals they can expect to see in Superpower Dogs. The canine-packed clip is also a great reminder of what makes all dogs special.

“There is such an eagerness in them to make us happy and make us whole. And knowing it’s without an egoic drive, that it is kind of an intrinsic part of their nature, makes it that much more pure,” Evan shares.

Enjoy this Love Your Pet Day moment to bask in the divine joy that is the dog, and then prepare for more perfect pooches by checking out Superpower Dogs‘ website and book series.

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