November 20, 2017 03:36 PM

The Louisville Zoo may have a male chauvinist gorilla in its midst.

PEOPLE reported on Jelani the gorilla over the summer, when he charmed and bonded with a (human) female zoo-goer while the two looked at videos together. Now, he’s back at it, this time hanging with a male zoo guest who attempted to befriend the big guy by showing him pictures of lady gorillas. Real smooth, mister.

As you can see from the Today show video above, Jelani appears to have the same innate response to the photos as a human looking at a dating app.

“Eh no, next one please,” reads the text superimposed onto the video captured by Twitter user Sierra Anderson.

Repeatedly signaling for “next,” much like the frequent swiping of the typical Tinder user, Jelani proved he is one picky ape.

Louisville Zoo

Good luck finding a date with that attitude, fella!

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