A Louisiana man was filmed using an air mattress to ferry a clutch of Dachshunds from flood waters.

August 19, 2016 03:23 PM

Air mattresses: Discuss. Uncomfortable, yes? Loud, right? Generally useless in terms of actions-taken to benefits-received ratio, right? Well, thanks to one ingenious Louisiana man, they could be poised for a comeback.

In the wake of Governor John Bel Edwards declaration of a state of emergency after Louisiana’s record rainfall two weeks ago, one Denham Springs, Louisiana, man was spotted using an air mattress to save eight dogs and another three dogs, which all appeared to be Dachshunds. He told a reporter his home had taken on three feet of water, and that he was using the mattress to bring the dogs to his car, which was parked on higher ground.

Reports didn’t state whether he’d found a place to stay for the night; shelters in the area are reeling from the 30,000+ individuals who have been displaced by the waters.

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