Dog Lost in New York Lake Swims 5 Miles to Safety

Rosie was reunited with her owner thanks to a Facebook page and a strong doggy paddle

You shouldn’t go chasing waterfalls, or ducks — because the latter got Rosie the husky into a wet and scary situation.

According to NEWS 10, Rosie and her owner Scott Crewell were enjoying an evening boat ride on New York’s Great Sacandaga Lake. On the trip back home, Crewell briefly removed the dog’s lifejacket because it was wet.

It was at this moment that Rosie decided she wanted to chase some nearby ducks through the water. She leapt off the boat without her lifejacket and followed them off into the darkness.

“I started moving with the boat, listening for the ducks. I could hear them getting further and further away. The direction she was going in was the worst direction on the lake because it was the farthest distance,” the owner told NEWS 10.

Courtesy Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection

Crewell scouted the large lake for hours, until the sun came up.

After Rosie didn’t turn up, her owner called his friend, NEWS 10 Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo. Caporizzo who also happens to be a huge animal lover, hosts a Facebook page that helps reunite lost pets with their owners. Rosie’s photo and story quickly went up on his Pet Connection page.

Meanwhile, while Crewell searched and fretted, Rosie swam. She swam five miles to shore, where she was found by a fisherman, who recognized the soggy, tired dog as the one from Caporizzo’s Facebook post.

With help from several other Good Samaritans, Rosie was reunited with her family.

Courtesy Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection

After her personal Poseidon adventure, Rosie was checked by a vet and was given a clean bill of health, aside from some eye irritation and an upset stomach.

“This is a perfect example of the very good of social media,” Caporizzo posted on his page after Rosie was found.

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