Three lanes of Interstate 285 closed near Dunwoody, Georgia, after a cow fell out of a livestock trailer and roamed around the road.
cow on road
Credit: Dunwoody Police Department

This weekend, traffic on an Atlanta highway was held up for over an hour when a cow on the loose refused to moooove.

Around 9 a.m. on Saturday, Georgia's Dunwoody Police Department responded to reports that a cow was running on Interstate 285 and causing a traffic jam.

Police determined that the cow fell out of a livestock trailer before traveling down the highway into the Dunwoody area.

Officers were able to safely capture the cow with help from a civilian with a rope. Authorities later returned the cow safely to the animal's owner.

"Chasing people is a norm for officers. However, chasing cows on the interstate ... not so much," the department wrote on Facebook.

According to local TV station WSB, three lanes of the highway were closed due to the cow. Traffic returned to normal about an hour later.

Michael Gerbick, a civilian heading to work on I-285 Saturday, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that cars were "slowly getting by" until the police began to chase the cow.

"I was surprised when I saw it, but I guess it is Atlanta," he said.

While unusual, this isn't the first time a loose cow has ended up on an Atlanta highway.

In 2018, there were three separate incidents of cattle blocking traffic within a five-month period, the AJC reported.

Several cows died, including in May 2018 when a tractor-trailer holding 19 cows overturned on I-75 South and killed 10 cows. One month later, three cows died after a tractor-trailer crashed on the ramp from I-285 South to I-20 East.

In October 2019, a trailer carrying 89 commercial beef calves on the I-285 East ramp overturned and killed 11 cows.