In an Instagram post, the singer gets hugged – er, sat on! – by her mom’s enormous pet

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 21, 2016 02:21 PM

She may be the world’s most famous cat lady, but Taylor Swift can totally hang with dogs.

The evidence is in these two Instagram videos she shared late on Thursday that show her kicking back on a couch with an oversized pooch named Kitty, who appears to be a great Dane.

Kitty belongs to Swift’s mom, Andrea, and, before you even say a word, she knows what you’re thinking: “My mom’s dog is named Kitty. And yet, she is nothing like a cat,” the singer writes in a caption.

In one of the two videos she shared, Swift – who is mom to cats Olivia and Meredith – appears to be minding her own business with a can of Redi-whip (as you do) when Kitty goes in for a hit. Unfortunately for Kitty, that’s not happening. Not today.

In the other hilarious clip, the pooch goes in for what Swift describes as “a hug,” when in reality the pup just lays on top of her with a toy hanging out of her mouth (don’t worry, there don’t appear to be any injuries!).

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Taylor, since you may not be fluent, we’re happy to clue you in: that’s definitely dogspeak for: “C’mon, let’s play!”