Like Marco Morosini’s chocolate “kiss”? We found some confections that won’t break the bank

By Amy Jamieson
Updated June 10, 2009 11:45 AM

We love to shower dogs with kisses, so we were immediately sweet on Marco Morosini’s chocolate “kiss” dog retreat. That is, until we saw the price. Retailing for around $800, it’s a part of the Italian designer’s new Dog Is a God collection, but we found some just as good doggie pads for a lot less jellybeans.

The Cup Cake Dog Bed (above, right), created by artist Claudette Barjourd, is a decadent place for a pooch to rest his paws. And, at $98 it’s much easier for the bank account to swallow. Room Candy’s Confetti Donut ($65) is another colorful treat for your canine’s sweet tooth. Other confections like’s Candy Dog Bed (starting at $50) or the Candy Heart Twill Dog Bed ($125), available at, will satisfy your cravings for sugary-sweet décor. Just make sure your pet knows they’re for sleeping–not eating!