January 20, 2010 12:45 PM

When we heard about the Neue Galerie’s Hund collection, our champagne taste radar went off the charts. The Neue Galerie, a gorgeous museum on New York City’s Fifth Avenue Museum Mile, recently launched a line of products for the uber of uber canines and their sophisticated owners, and we were instantly drooling.

Paul Landy, the museum design shop’s creative director, revealed to us that the Doggie Weekender Kit ($795) was such a hot item that the leather case wasn’t being used by the furry ones, as intended, but as a purse by humans! We were especially blown away by the Hund line’s portrait pendant brooch ($3,500, pictured above left), a custom piece produced by Vienna’s A.E. Kochert, intaglio engraved in rock crystal and reverse painted. While we would love to preserve our pretty pet’s face for posterity, the mere thought of clicking “Add to Cart” with a brooch worth several months’ rent gave us the shivers.

What to do but to consult our best, most resourceful shopping reflexes and find a less wallet-breaking option? First and last stop: Etsy.com, where we found two custom-painted pendants featuring pet portraits by TheArtisticTouch and daniellesoriginals. Necklace pendants by Tamora of TheArtisticTouch run $159 and feature designs made using a polymer clay patterning technique. The very afforadable designs by Danielle ($12.95) on daniellesoriginals are hand-painted on wood and can be made to fit a keychain or a pin. While we save up for our luxe brooch (someday, someday…), we’ll settle for something that leaves room for a night out this month!

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