A pricey tiara for your pup is the pinnacle of opulence – but we found one for less!

Talk about costing a lot of bones! A jewelry designer in Thailand unveiled a tiara (left) made for his pup last week, and while gorgeous, it cost $4.2 million! The sparkling titanium crown – created using 250 carats worth of emeralds and diamonds designer Riwin Jirapolsek got from his mother – took two months to finish. Designed specifically for Kanune, Jirapolsek’s 15-year-old male Maltese, the crown will not be available for sale, so other dogs will be left to drool over the piece from afar.

Want to crown your pooch as a king or queen? We found a super-sweet (and fairly cheap!) tiara at Trixie and Peanut for $25. The rhinestone-encrusted piece sits atop your pet’s head – and was even spotlighted on the reality series Greatest American Dog. Now that’s a headpiece your pup can brag about!