Lola Sunshine Is a Little Dog Who Loves High Fashion — and Her Personal Seamstress

A seamstress takes high fashion favorites and recreates them as outfits perfectly tailored to the Yorkie

There is putting a hat on your dog as a joke, and then there is Little Lola Sunshine.

This pup is super serious about high fashion. Never one to stoop to ready-to-wear looks you can find at the pet shop, Lola has her own seamstress that takes the styles everyone is talking about — from Gucci, Prada, Chanel and more — and turns them into outfits perfectly tailored to Lola’s tiny Yorkie body.

This dedication to looking “haute” has earned Lola invites to fashion shows across the world, where she can be seen modeling her latest creations. Currently, Lola is in the midst of a fashion frenzy, touring the country to attend fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and more. At these events she delights models, photographers and passersby with her style and cache of tricks.

Fashion is not Lola’s full time job, though. The 3-year-old pup is a certified therapy dog, who spends part of her time visiting children’s hospitals to entertain kids with kisses, handstands and other skills.

Basically, this is a dog worth knowing. Get a taste of what the height of dog fashion looks like by gazing upon these stunning shots of Lola rocking her own canine couture from her Instagram.

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